Dr. Graeme Archer

Tuesday, July 10 2012 at 8:00PM

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39 Ditchling Road

Dr. Graeme Archer

What's the talk about?

Graeme Archer will explain why he believes the modern demand for 'evidence-based politics' is insufficient by itself as a framework for a rational political discourse; evidence is necessary, but it is not sufficient. He will introduce the two main competing schools of thought on how to answer the central problem of inductive inference (how to evaluate evidential support for competing hypotheses) - Bayesianism and frequentism - and explain why the latter theory (dominant in the social sciences) is wholly incapable of supporting any sort of evidence-based approach to policy making.

Graeme Archer is a PhD statistician who works in the pharmaceutical industry. He spends as much time in Brighton as possible, and writes a weekly political column in Saturday's Daily Telegraph. He was also the 2011 winner of the George Orwell Prize for political blogging.

Advance tickets are available @ £2 + 50p P&P from the venue's website and include a voucher for £2 off any main meal in the pub on the day of the event.