Tim McGregor and Ben Hardwidge

Tuesday, February 28 2012 at 8:00PM

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39 Ditchling Road

Tim McGregor and Ben Hardwidge

What's the talk about?

2011 was a packed year for skeptics and skeptical issues, from Brian Deer's searching articles in the BMJ about the scale of Andrew Wakefield's MMR fraud, to the backlash against the Burzynski clinic's unproven cancer "cures" and their subsequent attempts to silence critics, the media furore over the alleged exposure of "psychic" Sally Morgan as a fraud, and the possible existence of neutrinos that travel faster than light. Skepticism has been on the rise both as a way of thinking and as a movement. Tim McGregor and Ben Hardwidge of Brighton Skeptics in the Pub will lead you through the last year with a skeptical look at the significant events of 2011 for those who favour an evidence-based approach to what's real.


Tim McGregor (linear particle accelerator software engineer) and Ben Hardwidge (tech journalist) have been running Skeptics in the Pub Brighton since February 2010. In this (FREE!) talk they'll be summarising the last year's top skeptical stories, in which many speakers previous speakers at SitP Brighton have been key figures.

£Free (advance booking recommended, by email to tim@brightonskeptics.org max 2 per email address)