Juliet Jacques

Tuesday, October 11 2011 at 8:00PM

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39 Ditchling Road

Juliet Jacques

What's the talk about?

 Juliet Jacques will talk about how she saw trans people and culture addressed by the media during the last two decades, and how she discovered a wealth of academic and activist writing that remained unrepresented in the mainstream. Discussing how she combined traditional transsexual autobiographies with counter-cultural theory for the Guardian’s Transgender Journey, she will cover how her writing aimed to challenge 'radical' feminist and conservative conceptions about transsexual people and gender roles, and this helped to affect editorial policy at a newspaper with a complicated record on trans issues.


Juliet Jacques is the author of The Guardian’s Transgender Journey column, the first to document the gender reassignment process for a major mainstream newspaper, which was longlisted for this year’s Orwell Prize for blogs. As well as writing on trans issues for The New Statesman, one80news and other publications, she also covers experimental film, European literature, music and sport. She has also been involved in activist work dealing with homophobia in football and transphobia in the media, speaking at EHRC workshops and Pride events about mainstream print and press portrayals of trans people.


Advance tickets available from the venue's website, and include a voucher giving £2 off any main meal in the pub on the day of the event.Here's the menu.