Mythbusting and Evidence Hunting with Sense About Science

Tabitha Innocent

Monday, September 12 2011 at 8:00PM

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39 Ditchling Road

Tabitha Innocent

What's the talk about?

Sense About Science challenge many misleading claims about scientific and medical evidence. This autumn they are launching a public campaign, ‘Ask for Evidence’, to bring about wider, more lasting change. When people come across dubious scientific claims, they want someone to go to with their questions. The campaign will encourage everyone to take up claims they think are misleading, both by reporting dodgy science claims and by getting involved in tackling claims themselves, to help stop the spread of misinformation in public discussion.

Dr Tabitha Innocent

Tabitha joined Sense About Science in August 2010, where she is now Communications Officer. Working with their supporters and database of scientists, she is responsible for communications including editing the website and writing our newsletter; and matching scientists with projects and requests for help from journalists and civic groups.  She has a PhD in evolutionary biology from the University of Edinburgh, and prior to joining Sense About Science spent time working at the Science Media Centre, BIS and the Human Tissue Authority.

Tabitha will talk about the ‘ask for the evidence’ campaign and some of the mythbusting and evidence hunting work Sense About Science have done.

Advance tickets available from the venue's website, and include a voucher giving £2 off any main meal in the pub on the day of the event.