P.Z. Myers

Tuesday, June 7 2011 at 8:00PM

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39 Ditchling Road

P.Z. Myers

What's the talk about?

Biologist, arch-atheist, skeptic, blogger extraordinaire, scourge of creationists their ilk, lover of all things cephalopod (but not in the biblical sense) and renowned cracker-desecrator will be talking about anything he damn well pleases.

P.Z. Myers is Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Morris, Minnesota, specialising in evolutionary developmental biology (AKA evo-devo). His blog Pharyngula is the top-ranked blog written by a scientist. He is self-professed "godless liberal", an outspoken atheist and highly critical of creationism, the intelligent design movement, and all forms of superstition, supernaturalism and pseudoscience. The American Humanist association named P.Z. "Humanist of the year" in 2009.

The exact topic of Professor Myers' talk is to be confirmed but whatever it is I am sure it will be both entertaining and informative. This one is not to be missed.

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P.S. Please arrive at least an hour before the talk time to order your meal, having food delivered to the talks is getting a bit disruptive.