Bad stats or an egalitarian bible?

Chris Snowdon

Tuesday, February 11 2014 at 8:00PM

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39 Ditchling Road

Chris Snowdon

What's the talk about?

 One of the themes of the 2014 Brighton Science Festival is "fairness". As discussions about fairness in society grow longer, the probabilty of someone citing 2009's "The Spirit Level" approaches 1. 

Christopher Snowdon, author of "The Spirit Level Delusion"  will be challenging the theory asserted in the best-selling book "The Spirit Level" that 'more equal societies almost always do better'. (Here's the wikipedia entry for "The Spirit Level" )

By fact-checking the book's statistics and reviewing the scientific literature, he will argue that there is no correlation between income inequality and a country's health, happiness and well-being. The hypothesis in "The Spirit Level" is, he says, based on selective evidence and flawed reasoning.

What do you think? Everyone is very welcome to come along and join the debate.

£2 on the door or £2.20 advance