Kyle D Evans

Thursday, January 25 2018 at 7:30PM

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Kyle D Evans

What's the talk about?

 From Bob Dylan and Beyonce’s algebraic song titles to Kate Bush’s (near) perfect recital of pi to fifty decimal places, pop stars have been dropping maths references into their tunes for decades.  It just takes a certain kind of mathematical pedant to notice them all...

Enter folk mathematician Kyle D Evans and his trusty guitar, here to take you on a comedic musical tour through some unexpected parallels between maths & pop.  Come prepared for a fun night for maths enthusiasts and novices alike.

Kyle is a folk singing mathematician, comedian & teacher who was the 2016 UK winner of Famelab, an international competition to find the most exciting new voices in science communication.  He has talked & sung about maths & pop at various festivals including Cheltenham Science Festival, Blissfields and Blue Dot and has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s cult numbers show ‘More or Less.’  He is also very proud of having a song about the Riemann Hypothesis used as a local radio jingle - surely a world first.


When he isn’t singing he is doing maths and when he isn’t doing maths he is singing.