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Skeptics in the Pub Brighton is aimed at providing a community for like minded people to meet, have a couple of drinks (or more) and hear some great talks from speakers all round the country.

The talks will start at 7.30pm, with the doors opening at 7pm, held upstairs at The Caroline of Brunswick.

Entry costs £3 to cover the speakers expenses like travel and accommodation, possibly a cheeky drink!


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Due to the nature of the venue and licensing restrictions all events are over 18’s only.

As the event is held up a flight of stairs we unfortunately cannot offer wheelchair access.


Henry Drsydale

Wednesday, October 26 2016 at 7:30PM

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39 Ditchling Road

Henry Drsydale

What's the talk about?

 For 6 weeks in late 2015, the COMPare team monitored every clinical trial published in the top 5 medical journals for “outcome switching”: when trialists report something different from what they originally said they would report. Of 67 trials assessed, 58 (87%) were found to contain discrepancies between prespecified and reported outcomes.

Outcome switching is already known to be extremely common, even in top medical journals. But COMPare went one step further: they wrote a letter to the journal for all 58 trials found to contain discrepancies; to correct the record on the individual trials, and to test the “self-correcting” properties of science.

The responses to these letters from journal editors and trial authors were unprecedented, and shed light on the reasons why this problem persists. The aim of COMPare was to fix outcome switching, through correction letters and open discussion. They never expected the levels of misunderstanding and bias at the heart of the issue.